corporate clients

Dedication. That’s what comes to our minds first when describing why we’re the number 1 choice of our customers. You’re too busy to plan a corporate retreat or take care of the logistics of your team’s travel. Our Dedicated Travel Consultant will be your one main point of contact that will take care of all your needs so you can relax and focus on your work.

We ensure special discounts and deals for all our corporate customers thanks to lucrative partnerships with airlines, hotels and travel partners in the region and across the globe.

Your work can take you to all corners of the Earth. It’s a good thing our reach spans the whole world so we can make hotel arrangements for you at exclusive rates for any city in the world.

Work hard so you can play hard. Your team did amazing this quarter so you feel like treating them to a special corporate retreat. We’ll figure it the perfect packages for you with the best available deals.

Group travel is a specialty of ours. We’ll make all the arrangements exactly as per your needs and you’ll even be treated to special discounts.

Need to hire a car for your next trip or need a ride for your clients while they are in town? Our luxurious fleet of vehicles has you covered. Whatever you need, we’ll provide.

Travel worry-free if your local insurance doesn’t cover you on your next business trip. Our global travel insurance options will offer you a variety of packages to choose from so you’re kept safe across your hectic travels.

Travel logistics can be a nightmare. We’ll take care of making sure your documents get to and reach the right places on time.

You don’t have time to queue up at immigration and the 10 other check points. We’ll make sure you get in and out of every airport in the world completely hassle free to save your precious time.

It can be a hassle to be a globe trotter. Our experts will ensure all your application documents are in order so that you don’t have to waste your time and you get your visa easily.


Our corporate clients have the benefit of accessing exclusive discounts and deals for any and all travel requirements. We also strive to keep you constantly updated of upcoming deals.


Our incentive program was created to take extra care of our customers. We invest in you by granting extra special deals and discounts wherever possible so that you get the best deal in the market. It’s a way of saying thank you for your continued support and loyalty.


Payments can be a hassle when arranging travel for your team. We want to take that hassle away so you can focus on the matter at hand. Our flexible credit terms will accommodate your company policy and won’t hinder your travel plans one bit.